Historic cafés in Turin

Although you can find them all over Italy, the historic cafés of Turin do deserve a special mention.

Italians love visiting them when travelling around the country and many famous people were their clients.

In those historic cafés you can find, usually on a clearly visible wall, the diploma that certifies them as a "Historic Site". To be entitled to it at least 50 years of continuous activity are required.

This diploma does not grant any privilege, but it serves to attract a large number of clients.

It is the oldest "historic" café in Turin, founded in 1763.

Al Bicerin in Piedmontese means "go for a cup of coffee".

The coffee based drink that takes the name from this café (bicerin) is unique and prepared from centuries ago with a secret recipe.

That drink is a combination of coffee, hot chocolate and cream. These three consistencies do not mix and are drunk, from the same cup, one after the other. This allows you to feel the special flavour of each of them.

Even the temperature inside the same cup differs: it ranges from hot chocolate to cold cream.

The “bicerin” gives energy and satiates for a few hours. It was initially created for the priests of a nearby church who had to spend many long hours during winter in the cold temple. With this drink they were able to warm up quickly.

In the 19th century this café was visited by important political leaders of the Italian Resurgence like Camilo Benzo Cavour. Personalities such as Verdi or Nietzsche were also its frequent clients.

Having a try at a “bicerin” is the ideal way to complete a guided tour of Turin!